A gorgeous day has to start the right way. This means you need to ensure you choose the right celebrant for your memorable and magical celebration.

Memorable and magical. Oh yes! Allow us to craft the most unique celebration of the journey of your love story - to capture the moment that so reflects why you are getting married! You need to ensure that the celebrant you choose totally gets you and your partner - and is as excited about the celebration as you are - this is our passion and our niche at Cape to Carlingford celebrants. So if you are planning to celebrate your wedding on the beautiful Isle of Ireland, or in the shade of the earthy vineyards of the Cape, or anywhere in between, thank you for knocking on our door.


Available to oversee wedding ceremonies seven days a week, at almost any venue or location, this is your starting point. But the most important part of your selection of a celebrant, is being able to trust us on the delivery and promise of your bespoke ceremony - crafted together, without restrictions on time constraints, or limits on the number of meetups we need to have, until you are both totally happy with our collaboration.

Allow us the privilege of telling your story, escorting your wedding guests through your love journey, evoking laughter, tears of joy and unforgettable moments at your celebration.


Death is what gives life meaning - memories are what are made in between...

"When I lost my Dad, I felt as if my world had stopped... my heart had stopped. The days leading up to his memorial, his life celebration, were the toughest I had to go through. We said beautiful words about Dad... but there was more to say, more to sing, more to praise... more I wish we had shared."

This is often the feeling of the bereaved after a funeral.

So this is why our personal promise to you, is that we will make every effort to work with you through the most difficult time in your life, to create, with you, a worthy life celebration for your loved one, and to absolutely ensure that you have said what needs to be said, sung the songs that need to be sung, read those meaningful poems that need to be heard.

And yes, even let those bagpipes play!


We personally liaise with the bereaved for as long as it takes, and working together within the limitations and time constraints that surround these very sad circumstances, arrange a ceremony and life celebration that will take all those bereaved on a journey befitting your loved one's memory, honouring and celebrating their life with respect, dignity and love.

The ceremony can take various forms. These include spiritual, non-spiritual or blended ceremonies. Ultimately though, it's a personalised ceremony created together.

We will ensure there are no regrets about words left unsaid, songs unsung or special music forgotten to be played.

We will walk this journey with you.

Life Celebration

Allowing you to celebrate a life lived, when time has passed and you can all be together to do this.

Sometimes, a situation may not allow us the comforting aspects of a full funeral and the rituals that form part of the closure required when saying goodbye to a loved one. Whether it is current circumstances beyond your control that prevents a full funeral service immediately after a loved ones passing, or you need to take your time to write the eulogy and know that, eventually, you will do it the way your loved one would have wanted, a life celebration can be as beautiful as any other service immediately after a passing.

You may feel you need someone to assist with the eulogy writing to ensure that all those emotions and memories are captured. We are here to walk this last path alongside you.


In beautiful and unusual settings, or in the comfort of their favourite club or haven, with a full service of your choice, unrushed and delivered with all the love and celebration their life deserves.

A celebration, crafted together with friends and family, either guided by us in preparation, or completely delivered by us, allowing you to celebrate their life without the extra pressure of speaking in public. A celebration that will bring all those who have been mourning the loss together, which is vital for the closure we all need after a loved one's passing.

Baby Naming

A naming day is a symbolic celebration that requires no license and has no legalities. Your child's naming ceremony can take any format that you choose - a simple welcome to the world, a formal naming of your baby or a blessing for your children and your family. It is unique and it is your special gift to your child. Share the moment and make it precious.

We work with you to decide what is going to be the main focus of the ceremony. We then collaborate together to create a style that is personalised and fits with your family. We coordinate beautiful, poignant readings, poems, blessings, music and promises.

"May life's adventures be exciting and sweet, filled with love from the friends that you'll meet.

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There's a threshold to cross and a wide open door, and a wonderful world for you to explore.

Sleep with the moonbeams and play in the sun, let your life be a long one and filled with fun.

May today and tomorrow and all days hereafter, be days that are happy and filled with your laughter."

Vow Renewals

If you're reading about vow renewals here, you have that twinkle in your eye, and you want the world to know you would do it all over in a heartbeat! Let us create an unforgettable reaffirmation of your commitment to each other.

A vow renewal celebration is a particularly wonderful celebration and one of our favourite collaborations. It is much more relaxed than a wedding celebration and so the fun element can be introduced and indulged! You know by now what your partner and you will enjoy on the day and we work together to ensure you both get the dream vow renewal day of your lives.

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"Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea, between the shores of your souls.

Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.

Give one another of your bread, but eat not from the same loaf..."

We will ensure that what you remember the most about the celebration is the uniqueness of it, the personal touch, the emotion, that made it just perfect.

Pet Memorials

Your pet is special and deserves to be honoured. Gather friends and family who knew your pet and lay him or her to rest in a wonderful, respectful and memorable way. Let's say goodbye, yet lovingly ensure your faithful pet is never forgotten.

We understand that your grief and loss is very real and the ceremony we create together will reflect the incredible bond you shared with your pet.

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"You lived your nine lives here with me, my loyal loving friend, then God took you up to Paradise, to live life number ten. I'll bet you're peacefully lying, upon an angel's lap, purring there, without a care, having a heavenly nap. I'll miss you for a little while, but our friendship will not end. Time will pass, and then at last, you'll be on my lap again."

Collaborate. Create. Coordinate. Celebrate.

We're here to help you every step of your way.

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